Imacoat HE-257

The HE-257 is a new chemical used for coating glass containers. It ’s used as a primer to guarantee strength and a solid base for the cold end coating applied later (Imacoat CE-50).

To compare this product to the more traditional HE-100, the HE-257 contains no organic material. This provides a safer working environment. HE-257 is in-organic and therefore its emissions contain less harmful gasses. With increasingly stringent safety and environment rules, we anticipate growing demand for this product.

Packing availability: IBC 1600, IBC 1000, 45 kg Drums
Dangerous goods: Class 8 Group III [Light]
Color: Transparent brown
Application area: Hot end.
Application method: Pressurized Imaca Dosing System.
Application use: Primer, strength, material processing support
Application machinery: Imaca Coating hood