Imaca K-II coating hood

Although Imacoat HE100 is an essential part in the coating process, the application of it, is at least as important. Only the combination of chemistry and application technology assures a reliable process and the highest quality of the final product. The K-II coating hood is specially designed to meet today's industry needs and has been introduced with great succes.
The hood is supplied in a ready-to-be-installed configuration and several accessories are optional available.
The standard outfit includes cooling and exhaust.



Imaca CB-II spray bridge

The Imaca CB-II cold end bridge is used to spray a lubrication layer on the outer surface of the glass container to prevent the containers from damaging due to scratching during transport in the inspection and production lines.

The bridge has an excellent performance.

Central Feeding unit (CFU) and Dosing Systems


- CFU, central feeding unit (for the Hot end coating chemical)

Excellent system for centralised dosing of Hot end coating chemicals, eliminate the need to replace empty drums, disposal of empty drums.

Large improvement with respect to safety.

- Direct dosing unit (for the Cold end coating chemical)

- Direct dosing unit pressurized (for the Cold end coating chemical)