Imacoat HE-100 is a liquid organotin compound for the hot-end coating of glass containers and can be easily applied in suitable hot-end coating equipment.

It can be processed without the use of dry compressed air by an airless feeding system and is not effected by temperature or humidity changes.

Imacoat HE-100 forms under normal operating conditions tin oxide on the glass surface providing mechanical protection and the basis for the cold-end coating.

The preferred surface temperature of the glass articles on which the coating is applied should be in between 450 °C and 600 °C.


The cold-end coating applied on the tin oxide creates the surface lubricity and gloss of the final glass container. Imacoat CE 50 is a micro dispersed aqueous solution and offers the indurty a universal formulation in a concentrated form which needs to be diluted in a ratio of app. 1:100 with water before use.

CE 50 excels in a long lasting protection for the bottles, has an excellent wet scratch resistance and remains it function after sterilisation and pastorisation. Imacoat CE 50 is approved for use at the outside of container glass by BGVV and is available in standard containers 50, 120, 200 and 1000 ltr.